Pathfinder Playtest Announced

So I only recently noted the announcement of the Pathfinder Playtest, the open announcement of fan contributions to what will become PFRPG 2.0 – great news to many I’m sure, but I did wonder what this would mean to the way I look at this blog, which is primarily intended to be Pathfinder based mechanically when I do delve into actual mechanics (although it does delve into 5E at times sure).

I really don’t want to have to learn and revise to a whole new system…


But maybe that’s not actually going to be the issue – in fact maybe there are some good ideas to be had looking at some of the initial Paizo blog material…

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The Trouble with Theiwar (Krynnish “Derro”)

Theiwar, along with their more brutish cousins, the Daergar, are the Krynnish (Dragonlance) version of derro, collectively sometimes referred to as Dewar or “Dark Dwarves”. There’s a third potential “derro” race on Krynn, the Zakhar, a Khalkist mountain living clan affected by a terrible mold plague (maybe more on them later).

I’m just not convinced they’re “real” derro… at least not in the thematic sense.

Theiwar (DQ2 Flint's Axe)
A pair of Theiwar “derro” from DLQ2 Flint’s Axe

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Hiatus: Planning the Uniting War

Derro (Dungeon 241 LotSI)
The Ranting Savant?

So 18 posts in, not a bad effort for this theme…

I’ve done minimal spruiking of this site, and it’s not linked to any major forum in particular but I think I’ve got a few decent posts out and generated some ongoing concepts and themes that will keep me going for the month to come.

Due to some family issues, I’m going to take a short break for a few weeks, generate a few prescheduled posts to sustain a weekly update schedule and then try and return once the ground beneath my feet has stabilised.

Then hopefully I’ll be back with a vengeance…